Monday, October 04, 2010

Emily and Morgan sitting in a tree...

This weekend we were all feeling a little listless. Luckily it was a wonderfully relaxed General Conference weekend. We just took turns sleeping, throwing up, and getting engaged. Actually...only Auntie Em got engaged.

Morgan came down from Idaho this weekend, collected the ring from Karen--a family heirloom given to Karen by her mother instead of the necklace she was intended to receive because Grandma Anderson didn't believe that "Reid would ever buy [her] diamonds;" he's stayed true to that prophecy on principle and hasn't ever purchased a diamond ring for Karen--and presented it to Emily on Saturday afternoon. They went up into the canyon for a drive and got out to walk by the river. That's where he popped the question. She came home absolutely beaming. 
Emily said she couldn't be happier with the ring. I'm happy that tribute to Grandma Anderson will always be displayed on Emily's finger--it was the perfect fit, looks dazzling, and Emily is already thoroughly relishing the sentimentality of it. I think it's special that the ring has gone through three generations of women and hope that Emily can pass the legacy to a daughter of her own in the future.

I took a few pictures of the cute couple late this afternoon. Unfortunately not many of them turned out--Andrew is much more skilled with the camera but he was dozing away the afternoon in a fever-induced stupor--but a couple of them were really cute, I thought. These two are giddy with joy.

I suppose that was the main excitement of the weekend. We got to spend a lot of happy time visiting with family...when we weren't, you know, spending time visiting with the toilet.

The date is (almost) set for December 21st, which might seem quick, especially since we feel like we just met the boy, but Morgan and Emily have known each other since May and are both sure about this. Plus, we just spent the whole weekend with Morgan and think he's great...and probably destined to catch the stomach flu. (Sorry, Morgan, and anyone Morgan comes in contact with in the near future).

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