Thursday, October 28, 2010

Natural Induction

On October 24, 2009 we went to a Halloween party at the Eastin's compound. They had some bounce houses set up, along with a trampoline. I joked about jumping on the trampoline to spur on labour since my due date was three days away. Andrew dared me to do it and so I did, scandalizing all the Egyptian women present--they were certain I was going to damage my precious cargo but I'm a firm believer in the durability of my water sac because my water seems to only ever break long after the onset of labour...and after I start pushing. Anyway, I told you I'd share that video last year and I never got around to it. So, here it is today--me, jumping on a trampoline, very pregnant:

And about 16 hours later, we had this:

So, if you want to naturally induce labour, my advice is to jump on a trampoline with reckless abandon. Onset of labour guaranteed within 12 worked for me.


  1. NANCY! That is so funny. Andrew graduates on the 23rd of April and I'm due the 26th. SO, since everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!) in both of our families are going to be here for the graduation, we are hoping Baby Howell will grace us with his or her presence around the same time!

    I really didn't want to be induced by the doctor, so now it looks like when April comes around, I'll just have to go find a trampoline. Perfect.

    Thank you for your wisdom!!!!!!


  2. Oh, do try it, Megan! :) I'd love to see it.

    Also, if the video didn't work should now. For some reason it defaulted to private. Anywho...

  3. I had a swim race with my other pregnant friend the night I went into labor with Peach, but this looks more fun :)