Friday, January 28, 2011

She's a tricky baby

For Christmas Rachel got some princess magnets. She would play with them on the filing cabinet, making them go to balls and castles and things, she took them to my parents' house a few times when they babysat her so that she could play with them on her fridge. She lost them a while ago, though, and has been missing them ever since.

Yesterday she demanded that I find them.

"I don't know where they are," I told her, "We can look for them but we've cleaned your room several times and haven't seen a trace of them. I don't know what else we can do. Sorry."

She started wailing, which is something I've had enough of in the past few days.

"I want my princess magnets! I want my princess magnets! I want my princess magnets!"

While Rachel was droning on and on about her magnets, Miriam left the room. A few minutes later she toddled back in, singing a little song, and clutching...the princess magnets!

I wonder where she was hiding them.

It was a good hiding place.

She's a tricky baby.


  1. Hah! Jacqui did the same thing with bananas. Grant wanted a banana b/c he saw Jacqui with one. I said, "Jacqui doesn't have a banana. We don't have any right now." Then J came toddling down the hall (she was 18 months) with a banana. Rere and I were both puzzled as to where she had hidden that banana.