Thursday, April 22, 2021

A couple of messes

Last night while I was reading to the little kids at bedtime, Rachel came upstairs to get the vacuum. 

"What could you possibly need to vacuum at this hour?" I asked her (not unkindly).

"Oh, Miriam left our big set of gel pens out and the little kids knocked them over and one of them broke and got ink all over the carpet, so Miriam's scrubbing it with carpet cleaner right now and the instructions say to vacuum over it once it dries."

It's kind of amazing having responsible children. I mean, it would have been better if they hadn't gotten ink on the carpet in the first place, but they got right to work cleaning things up, which is great!


We had crepes for dinner the other day. The rule is that everyone needs to have one "savoury" crepe, which Andrew makes to order (usually turkey and cheese or something similar), before they can dig into the berries and things. Benjamin wolfed down his savoury crepe and got to work on berries right away. 

At one point in the meal he started loading blueberries onto his fork tines and when his fork was full he decided to brandish the fork at Rachel (because annoying her is one of his favourite pastimes). He was intending to simply wave it in her face a little bit, but the blueberries weren't stuck as tightly to the fork as he imagined and he ended up catapulting them all over the dining room. They were pelting the walls and flying in every which way!

"What in the world?! Why?!" I exclaimed. 

"They weren't stuck on as tight as I thought," Benjamin said sheepishly.

He had a lot of "fun" finding and wiping up all that berry juice (it's possible we didn't even find it all).

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