Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rainy days

I guess these pictures are all the way from March 31. That's how far behind I am with everything. Not that I'm really far behind; I've just been working rather intensely on some other projects. 

But, yes, it rained the last day in March and Alexander begged me to play outside with him. I relented because...sometimes I remember that I used to be much more fun as a mom than I am now...and Alexander still deserves to have a fun mom. So he and I played outside in the rain for a while, rescuing worms...

And stomping in puddles...

And then Rachel came outside to (very responsibly) throw away some litter box mess (she must have been "on cat" that week, meaning she was in charge of feeding and watering the kitty and keeping her litter box tidy). We were having such enormous fun that Rachel decided to stay outside with us..,and children kept trickling out to join us even though they'd all told Alexander that they did not want to play out in the rain with him. First Miriam, then Zoë...

Aren't our storm drains terrifying? You could really, honestly, lose a small child down there (so we were very careful not to)! Our gutter stomp quickly morphed into a walk down the road...

And we just kept getting farther and father away from the house...

Benjamin had declined to come outside as well, and I thought he was really going to stick with his decision. He was playing Prodigy, after all, and he loves Prodigy (he answered 96 problems today)! But he must have decided that what we were doing looked like more fun because he did eventually abandon Prodigy (after answering only 50 questions) and came running after us.

Here's Zoë releasing some camellia petals into the gutter:

We ended up walking around the block, splashing in every puddle, rescuing every worm (except, perhaps, the ones Alexander accidentally squished in two while he was picking them up (he is sometimes not very gentle)), and got soaking wet.

Zoë's boots got breached and she didn't like her feet sloshing around inside, so she emptied them out and then carried them home, walking barefoot the rest of the way.

Alexander's boots were also breached, but he didn't care. He slosh, slosh, slosh, sloshed all the way home!

If my memory serves me correctly, the kids all had warm showers when we got home, and then snuggled up on the big, comfy couch under a whole pile of fluffy blankets to watch a documentary together. 

It was a great way to spend a rainy day!

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