Monday, April 24, 2023

A few cute pictures from today

Here are Zoë and Benjamin clomping around in the shoes that Andrew and I wore to church this morning:

And here is Phoebe all set for our afternoon walk, with her baby doll and teddy bear in tow:

She loves the book Please, Baby, Please by Lee Spike (which is nice because I already have it mostly memorized because Alexander really liked it, too) and especially enjoys this last picture of the baby dragging the teddy bear off to find Mom and Dad:

Thus the need for the teddy and baby.

It's rather apt that her favourite picture of the whole book is the one of the baby getting out of bed to check on Mom and Dad in the middle of the night because...that's one of her favourite things to do! In fact, Andrew getting her settled again right now (we were both up writing, of course).

And here's Phoebe getting down on her stomach during our evening scripture study. I usually lie on my stomach, so a lot of the kids do it, too. It's kind of cute to watch Phoebe get settled with on her stomach with her book. 

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