Thursday, April 06, 2023

A week update

It's been almost a week since I last posted! I don't even know how time is escaping from me so easily these days—except for the fact that Phoebe exists and I'm swamped with other writing projects (but I don't even feel like I'm making progress on those). 


The good news, I suppose, is that Rachel is very nearly finished with her American Heritage course. She has not enjoyed it and has spent so much time on it. Once she takes her final, I plan on roping her into babysitting for me a little more often so I can get some solid writing accomplished before, you know, 11:00 at night. 

She and Miriam just drove up to Durham with Grandpa to attend Les Miserables. They'll be back tomorrow, I believe. Rachel supposedly drove some part of the way there; I'll have to wait for her report about how far she drove.

Benjamin and Zoë (and Alexander, I suppose, who listens in) finished their science curriculum today. We're technically just about finished with our school year (today was day 172 for us), but we still have quite a bit left in our math curriculum so might keep pressing forward through that before taking some time off in the summer. To be fair, our math curriculum is really quite challenging (and technically both Zoë and Benjamin are working a year above their grade level) so it's understandable that we haven't quite made it through our workbooks. 


Our weather jumped from a chilly 50°F to mid-80°F this week, so we're looking forward to having the pool open. Meanwhile, in Utah they've had a record-breaking year for snowfall and it's still falling!


General Conference was last weekend. We convinced Andrew to go to the park with us between Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening sessions (I still am wondering what the purpose of the Saturday evening session is; we went from having a women's session the week before conference, to alternating Relief Society and Priesthood meetings on the Saturday evening session, to no Saturday evening session, then back to Saturday evening session...but it's only an I'm pretty sure we could just go back to no session...or have a women's session since we hear from men all day anyway). It was fun to get to spend some time with him at the park. 

I'm very tired of our schedule being so busy. And it's not even that busy. But somehow it feels busy. 


  1. Rachel is fortunate to be able to see Les Mis. We just learned that there are no tickets available for any Salt Lake shows :(

  2. Hey what math curriculum do you use? I need a different one for next year. We tried an online program this year but I am tired of my kids being on the computer so much!

    1. We use Beast Academy. It can be on the computer (which Benjamin is doing this year, but even that comes with paper textbooks and workbooks to use) or can be paper only. The textbook is done in comic book form, which my kids really like. The problems can get rather complicated, but I find that it teaches my kids to calculate and problem solve really well!