Sunday, April 16, 2023

Just spicing things up

As part of the Easter Egg Hunt, the bishopric gave each child a picture of Jesus to take home. 

We're homeschoolers so we're already pretty used to people wanting to quiz our children—

"Oh, you're homeschooled? What's 6 + 5? 18 - 4? 7 x 3?"

"Oh, you're homeschooled? How do you spell predicament—pre-DIC-a-ment?"

"Oh, you're homeschooled? Who was the fourth president of the United States?"

So I had to laugh when pictures were being handed out and to children with a "Happy Easter! Happy Easter! Happy Easter!" and then, upon reaching Alexander, a pause...

"I have this picture for you, but first..." [***POP QUIZ!***] "Can you tell me who this is?"

"Uh...Jesus..." Alexander said, slightly offended at being asked such an obvious question.

Even Phoebe can answer that one. Apparently. 

(I didn't know she could before today, but evidently she can because she said, "Jesus!" as well, with much more enthusiasm than Alexander was able to muster.)

"Yes, and can you tell me what's behind him? Like what is this?" [indicating the tomb].

"The tomb," Alexander said, equally bored. 

"It is! Good job!" and then for the next child, "Happy Easter! Happy Easter! Happy Easter!"

It's always nice when my homeschooled children can pass these "pop quizzes" everyone seems to want to give them, whether scholastical or ecclesiastical.

Anyway, this evening we were reading the Berenstain Bear's Easter Story and we got to a page that said, "On the morning of the third day after Jesus died, some women who knew Jesus came to weep at his tomb..."

"Uh, they did not come to weep," Alexander interjected saucily. "They came to spice it up!"

"True!" Zoë agreed. "They went to anoint the body with spices."

So, there you have it. 


  1. Maybe teach your children to pause, while looking the questioner in the eye, and then say "Why do you ask?" That will surprise them! They will either have to admit that they wonder if their homeschool education is any good, or they will just sputter in shock.

  2. That is so weird. I know MANY homeschoolers here and elsewhere. My own nephew was homeschooled, and is doing fine at UNC-G now. I wonder if he ever had people do this to him. I certainly have never thought to ask homeschoolers if they know anything. How arrogant and rude of those people.