Thursday, May 11, 2023


Here is Phoebe trying to lick the cat:

She doesn't quite seem to understand why the cat might not want her to do this. The cat gets to lick herself, but Phoebe can't lick the cat? Seems unfair!

These girls are pretty good friends these days. The cat is very patient with Phoebe and although Phoebe is very bad at picking up Waffelle's cues, Waffelles has only scratched her once (the rest of the time she's just swatted at her—no claws involved). We feel like we have to watch the two of them very carefully when they're both roaming around, which (unfortunately for kitty) means that kitty is often shut up in the basement (but even that's not such a tragedy because the basement is large enough).

Here's Phoebe—with her glorious curls—giving kitty a scratch right where kitty likes to be scratched.

They've come a long way from when we first brought Phoebe home from the hospital and Waffles was so freaked out she wouldn't even come into the same room as her!

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