Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Photographs, Words, Bees, Pointillism

Years ago I read something about how if you took many photographs, one was bound to be a good shot. 

That is not to say that photography does not require skills, because it absolutely does (skills, I might add, that I do not necessarily have). It's just to say that by sheer quantity, you're bound to stumble into something akin to quality. 

I feel that way about writing right now. I have this goal to write about 1000 words per day on my thesis at the moment, which feels like a lot and...not a lot...but usually quite a lot, really. This evening after getting Phoebe into bed, I wrote 1374 words. 

I'm positive they're not all quality words, but I'm hoping by the sheer quantity of them that I managed to say something worthwhile (or at least worth keeping). 

Honeybees "may visit up to 100 flowers per trip and make up to 50 trips per day," which means that they can visit up to 5000 flowers per day, and "in order to produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited." Bees make their honey drip by drop, the same way I'm going to stumble-bumble across my thesis finish line.

All that is to say that I took this picture of these bees enjoying my neighbour's milkweed this afternoon and I think it's pretty. And I wrote 1374 words in this second-to-last chapter and so phew.

Enjoy also this completely unrelated image of a Phoebe footprint left on an LED drawing board:

It looks like pointillism (which is another activity that requires millions of repetitions—dot by agonizing dot), but she accomplished it all in one go! She was wearing grippy-bottomed footie jammies and it left this cool pattern behind. (Rachel traced around her foot and toes later).

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