Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Watch a storm roll in with me

For some reason or another, I was alone with the kids at the beach late Sunday afternoon/early Sunday evening (May 21). Miriam will be writing about what we did on Sunday downtown. But when we got back...I took the kids to the beach. 

Perhaps Grandpa was napping.

Perhaps Daddy was making dinner.

Whatever the case, Mommy was at the beach with the kids. Even Rachel had tagged along (though only to sit on the beach since Sunday was her sick day and she didn't feel like playing much).

Anyway, we played and played and played and then I noticed that a storm was rolling in. 

I first noticed it looking out toward the ocean (since I was keeping an eye on my small humans who were in the water):

Here's Zoë and Benjamin in the water:

But then I looked behind me and the sky was...majestic. Gentle on one side and wild on the other.

Here's Alexander and Miriam looking through shells with the beautiful sky behind them:

Rachel and I were just talking about needing to pack everything up when Grandpa came rushing down the boardwalk to help us load everything up and cart it back to the beach house. He was pretty worried about the storm system...and it did prove to be quite the storm that evening. Lots of thunder and lightning and so forth.

Here's Phoebe deciding which shells deserve to be placed in her bucket while the sunshine fought for victory against the clouds:

We made it back to the beach house with plenty of time before the storm arrived, so no worries!

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