Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Nest update

Yesterday when I peeked into the nest there were two eggs inside.

Today I see that momma bird has begun incubating so my assumption is that they are going for a clutch of three:

The green grass at the top of the nest is a "privacy fence" they added after they caught me peeking through the window at them. Prior to that, momma bird had been trying it out without that grass, but would get spooked every time I walked by the window. So they put in that privacy fence and evidently that's all she needed to feel safe. 

It's doing its job, though! I can just see her little tail feathers sticking up out of the nest (and they almost look like twigs). 

At this rate, we can expect the eggs to hatch by mid-May. 


Update on the update:

Momma bird has left the nest now my guess is that there are three eggs in there as of today and perhaps our pair is going for double or nothing (and that tomorrow she will lay a fourth egg).

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