Friday, July 14, 2023

Antelope Island with Auntie K (June 16; a guest post by Zoë)

Me and Ben went to Antelope Island with Auntie K because two certain somebodies thought it would be funny to make me and Alex stand on a fake geyser at the playground at the zoo.😒😒

[Mom edit: That was me and Dad. We thought it would be funny to tell Alexander and Zoë to stand on the fake geyser at the splash pad because they were being mopey-dopes. So they did stand on the geyser and it was kind of funny when the geyser went off...but, boy, were they mad!]

Alex couldn’t go in Auntie K’s car, because his car seat was hard to move, so Ben took his place. My car seat was easy to move, because it’s a Mi-Fold, so I went in Auntie K’s car too. 

[Mom edit: I'm not sure that this excursion was specifically to make up for getting the kids wet. I think it was more simply because Auntie K wanted to spend more time with those two. Below is a picture of them hanging out of the sunroof of her car after Zoë's baptism (the car was not moving at the time). They're just at the perfect age where they can have a lot of fun (aren't moody teens) and can buckle their own seatbelts and things (aren't toddlers).]

Before we went to Antelope Island, we went to her house so Uncle Allen could take a nap. Before we went to the house, we got ice cream/snow cones! They  were really good! 

At Antelope Island, (it is LITERALLY an island) we only saw one antelope the whole entire time we were there! 

But we did see a few elk, and lots of buffalo. (Why not name it Buffalo Island?) 

[Mom edit: Kelli sent me some cool videos of the buffalo blocking their way on the road, but although they look spectacular on her phone, on my phone they look all I am not going to share them here.]

There was also a junior ranger badge, but the ranger station was closed, so we couldn’t get the booklets, but we did get out of the car to go down to the salt flats! While we were going down to the salt flats, we heard the buzzing of mosquitoes and another type of bug, I think it was called the brineshroom fly, and there were sooo many bugs!

[Mom edit: I believe she means brine flies. No shroom.] 

It was also very muddy. The mud was very sticky too, my shoes almost got stuck in it! Before we got back into the car, we wiped off our shoes, (they were very muddy) and got some brineshroom flies in the car, and left for Linda’s house. (That’s where we were staying.) 


  1. Oops to the shroom in the brine fly

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  3. Zoe, I hate to disappoint you; the island is a peninsula now, because of the long drought in Utah. It might be fun to look at it on Google Maps.

    1. Adding this link for Zoë to read because I thought it was interesting:,Lake%20%E2%80%93%20and%20the%20Valley%20beyond