Friday, July 28, 2023

The Cursèd Bathroom

We have come to the conclusion that our hallway bathroom is officially cursed. 

When we bought the place, we knew we'd have to redo the bathroom floor. We still haven't done that, but we knew that we would have to do so eventually. The tiles are all just falling apart. 

For a while the shower was leaking into the basement, but we got that fixed.

And then the upstairs bathroom fell into the hallway bathroom (both bathrooms were cursed, honestly).

And then most recently we found out that we'd screwed our towel rack into a pipe in the wall. 

As we stand, our ceiling has "naked" drywall up (to replace all the drywall that fell down when the upstairs collapsed into the downstairs), the tile floor is completely cracking up, and we have a couple of lovely holes cut into our wall. 

Well, today, Zoë was washing her hands and...water started running out of the bathroom cabinet and streaming all over the floor. 

The sink pipes have completely corroded and just...popped apart! 

To fix it, I think we'll have to do something like this (which doesn't look too complicated):

For now we just have a big "OUT OF ORDER" sign taped to the faucet. 

Admittedly we felt a little frazzled when it first happened—because what gives?!—but then we decided just to laugh about it—because what are the odds?! Surely that bathroom is haunted. 

We have three other bathrooms that are (for the meantime) fully functional, and the toilet in this bathroom still just have to then go wash your hands at either the utility sink or kitchen sink, which is really not a huge deal. 

We'll figure this thing out. And even if we end up calling a plumber in, at least we won't have to pay the diagnostic fee because...the problem is pretty much diagnosed already. I mean...

I think we can all see where the problem is.

Also, I have some questions for whoever fixed this sink last, namely: Ummmm...what?! Were these two pipes simply glued together or something? Because it doesn't seem as if they could have possibly been soldered together.* Who thought that was a good idea?

* Oooooh! I just check our other original-to-the-house sinks and they are all connected this way...pretty firmly connected, too. So I'll bet that they were soldered together. It's just that over 40 years the joint corroded. Our other sinks are looking a little corroded here as well, so we'll have to keep our eye on them.

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