Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Springville Museum of Art (June 15)

Uncle Rod has a lovely piece on exhibition at the Springville Museum of Art, so visiting the museum was on our list of things we had to do while in Utah. We unfortunately didn't get to see Uncle Rod in person, but it was fun to see his photograph. 

I don't know if Grandpa knew what to look for, but we certainly didn't, so we were quite surprised when we found Uncle Rod's name by a photograph (rather than next to a sculpture, say, or an abstract painting of sorts).

Evidently he's turned to photography as a medium in recent years; he's got quite the eye for lighting and angles!

Having found Uncle Rod's photograph near the beginning of our visit, we finished walking through the museum to see what else we could see.

Zoë rather enjoyed this view of the Tetons called 'Crested in Light' by Charity Anderson:

Benjamin enjoyed the various works about Don Quixote that were scattered around:

Miriam was partial to the use of line and colour in this piece by Gilmore Scott—'Color of the Monsoon Rains':

Phoebe, who had once again been Daddy's walking buddy (since she knows she can overpower me and either (a) convince me to put her down, or (b) convince me to give her milk), was struck by Fairbanks's statue 'Mother and Child':

Not only was she "struck" by it; she was completely jealous of that marble baby! She starting signing for milk and begging to be allowed to go to Mommy. 

We spent a fair amount of time in the children's wing, where the kids had fun reading stories about artists and playing with blocks. Apparently it had been a while since they'd been allowed to build because they didn't want to leave! (Aunt Linda's house has lots of fun toys...but few Legos compared to what our kids are used to, and no blocks as far as we could tell). I'm glad they could get a little "building" fix in at the museum.

This series of pictures was funny because Benjamin and Zoë both really wanted me to take a picture of their creations, too. We take pictures of so many creations, and I guess we're just lucky that we can because when I was growing up you built things and tore them down and sometimes got a little sad that your creation couldn't last forever. Our kids would also like their creations to last forever; we constantly have to remind them that things like blocks and Lego bricks and magnatiles are ephemeral building materials. Whatever you build is not meant to last forever. Fortunately, we can appease their desire to keep it by snapping a picture!

So, here are the things Benjamin and Zoë were working on...

Benjamin thought he would place one more piece on top (and you can tell that Zoë already thinks it's a bad idea by the way she's covering her face). And here we see that...yup...

...that last block was just too much for that spindly tower base to handle.

And here he is storming over to her to tell her that it wasn't very funny, while she's giggling for a picture with her own castle (having removed her mask for the shot).

Visiting Springville's relatively tiny art museum reminded us that we should visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta again, so we're planning on doing that soon!

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