Monday, July 31, 2023

Conrad visits (June 14 & June 19)

My Uncle Bruce took our family out for lunch at the Cannon Center on June 14 (Uncle Patrick's birthday!). We had quite the time finding our way there because all the regular routes are under construction and we didn't know how to get into the pedestrian walkway around the construction, though Uncle Bruce knew the way and helped us find it so we could get back to our cars easier.

It was lovely to have lunch with him! The Cannon Center is always nice because there's a little something for everyone (since it's a buffet-style cafeteria). 

Uncle Bruce invited my kids to join him in an experimental learning experience (which we will dive into with full force soon, I promise—my thesis defense is next week), so we headed over to his office to pick up some supplies. It was fun to get to see where he works (and we're looking forward to getting to work, as well)!

Later that week when we were getting all our plans straight to head back home, I texted my cousins Elizabeth and Lexi (who is actually my first cousin, once removed, because she's my cousin's daughter) about the possibility of meeting up with them in Rexburg. Elizabeth texted back to say that she was actually in Utah, not Idaho, but would love to sneak in a visit "here" if I still had time. 

She drove down to visit on Monday (June 19) afternoon, which was perfect timing, considering we left Utah on Tuesday (June 20) morning!

Phoebe, me, and Elizabeth

Zoë had so much fun playing with Bridget, Elizabeth's daughter, who is just so kind and sweet (which is precisely as I would expect any child raised by Elizabeth to turn out because Elizabeth is one of the kindest and sweetest people on the planet). 

I will say, however, that Bridget got a little more rambunctious than I ever saw Elizabeth get at that age! Here's Zoë and Bridget lifting each other up:

It was a short visit, but a good visit! I'm glad I messaged Elizabeth before heading to Rexburg!

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