Monday, November 27, 2023

Freak Streeze

Last night Benjamin told us that his Duolingo streak was in the 300s. Perhaps it was even in the 330s or thereabouts. And it should be because several of the children made a goal to keep a DuoLingo streak all year long and they have been working hard at remembering to practice their language skills (and Andrew and I have been working hard at reminding them to remember to practice). 

Last night Benjamin also told us that it was too bad Rachel had lost her Duolingo streak because she should be right up there in the 300s with him, but now she's back at 1.

I questioned him about this because we've had children lose their Duolingo streaks before. Sometimes there are epic meltdowns over such a loss. A little over four years ago, Miriam lost her Duolingo streak over some technicality (like she wasn't connected to the internet when she did her lesson, or something) and she threw an incredible tantrum and vowed she'd never skip a day ever again. So now she's right up by me in the rankings. I think I'm at 1665 (or something like that), which translates into about 4.5 years. 

Miriam didn't used to be that close to me (re: the length of her streak versus mine). I used to be hundreds of days ahead of her...but I have had to use many a streak freeze in my time because no one nags me about whether or not I've remembered to do Duolingo and sometimes (about once a week or so) I forget to do a lesson. Miriam, on the other hand, very rarely has to use a streak freeze (these are things you can "purchase" in the "store" using gems you've earned doing other lessons). The girl is a machine!

Rachel is not prone to such tantrums...anymore. 

Anyone who knew her when she was three might not believe that because she was an excellent tantrum thrower. The girl could scream for hours over the slightest upset. But she's grown up and is not prone to tantrums anymore.

To be fair, Miriam probably wouldn't throw a fit if she lost her streak in these days. 

Thank goodness for getting to grow up, right?

But although neither of them would throw a fit over losing their streak, I would expect them to at least mention it. Like, "Aw, man! I lost my streak and have to start all over again. What a bummer!"

Something. Anything.

Because I had heard nothing about it, I questioned Benjamin about it. 

"Are you sure she lost her streak?" I asked. "She didn't say anything about it."

"I'll go ask her!" Miriam said. 

And...I'm not really sure how I didn't get clued in about it until the following day, but that's how it went. So today Rachel brought out her phone to show everyone that she had an active streak in the 300s. 

"Huh," Benjamin shrugged. "Guess I was wrong."

"You think?" Rachel sniffed.

"Maybe you dreamed it," I suggested. 

"Possibly," he said. "Because that same day you also told me we were going to run 800 miles."

"800 miles? Dude! You didn't think to yourself, 'Well, that number seems highly illogical. Chances are everything else happing to me right now is also illogical. Oh, I dreaming?'"

"I can't help but believe in my dreams," he said airily. 

"Suddenly I'm beginning to understand why Joseph's brothers dropped him in a pit..." Rachel retorted.


So I guess you could say Family Home Evening went well. 

PS. For a post about "freak streeze" see this link.

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