Monday, November 20, 2023


I...wasn't going to post this because it's not my original content. It's Bill Watterson's. But I also don't want to forget this I'm posting it.

Last night after I told my mom about Phoebe's shenanigans yesterday, she said this comic popped up on her Facebook feed:

And it's possible Phoebe believes something like this with every fiber of her being.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a post that I'm sure I wrote about turning Benjamin invisible. I'm sure we would have pulled this prank in the fall of 2018 (because that's when all the videos and articles are dated when I searched for it online). But we also had a lot going on* in the fall of 2018 so it's possible I failed to write about it (except for one little mention here).

Basically, you convince someone that they're invisible through a number of schemes; all the spectators have to be "in" on it. A lot of kids get upset about it according to video evidence (but we're kind of we tried it on Benjamin, anyway).

He did not get upset at all. He was super excited about it and tore around the house doing all sorts of crazy things. He took off his shirt and jumped on the couch, twirling it around in the air, he took a twenty-dollar bill out of Andrew's wallet, he went into Rachel's room (where he was so often told to "GET OUT!"), and generally ran around the house getting into all sorts of trouble while we chased him around trying to tell him that (A) he wasn't really invisible and (B) we could still hear him, so if he could at least stop screaming at the top of his lungs, that would be great.

*Grandma got pneumonia and then sepsis and then died. 

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