Friday, November 24, 2023

The clubhouse

This morning we headed to the neighbour's house to start dismantling the clubhouse. The wood seems to be in rather good condition, given that it's at least a couple decades old, but—man!—that thing is hard to pry apart! 

It's going to be a lot of work to move this thing (Uncle Patrick might be roped into helping us put it back together when he gets here), but I think it will be worth it because the boys are rather excited for it.

Today we managed to get the siding off and moved that to our backyard. Next up is figuring out how to take the roof off, then the walls, then the floor, then the posts...

If we were really strong we could just carry it over to our yard, but we are not that strong. Taking it apart is our only option. Any advice? What tools should we be using? Today we used hammers and crowbars and it was...arduous. Should we look into a reciprocating saw?

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  1. Years ago, Andrew's dad and his friend took down an old tobacco barn, and they rebuilt it into a little cabin which you might have seen in some of my Facebook pictures in the past. They doctored it up to look a bit better than a tobacco barn, adding a porch and such. Mr. Tuck occasionally cooks out there on an old woodstove, especially in the winter. I'm excited to see how your clubhouse looks when you have it rebuilt in your yard!