Friday, November 17, 2023

Phoebe's birthday balloons

Alexander and Zoë got to work making birthday balloons early, so there are several from them. Zoë even made a balloon to look like Daniel Tiger!

Here's an acrostic from Alexander:

Persenoll sister!
Hallurs sister!
Omega love!
Exoqsnen love!
Being fun!
Extrodenery love!

My best guess about what this says:

Personal sister
Hilarious sister
Omega love
Exhaustion love
Being fun
Extraordinary love

Why it says all those things, I can't say...except that they do spell out Phoebe's name from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, Dad says:

Happy birthday, Phoebe! You are such a fun, determined, and loving little kid! I'm excited for this next year!

Here's another from Alexander:

Happy birthday! You're 2! How do you grow fast?

Zoë came up with this acrostic:

Extraordinary sister

Happy Birthday!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father in heaven.

Mom said:

Phoebe! You have waited so patiently and it's finally your birthday! You are a PHENOMENAL two-year old. From the minute you were born you HAD us wrapped around your little finger. ONLY you could make our family feel 100% complete, EVEN though we didn't know we needed you, we know now you were the perfect BABY for us. EVERYBODY loves Phoebe!

Happy birthday, you sweet, curly-haired baby! You're learning so much and it's fun to watch you grow!

Miriam said:

HAPPY birthday! You've really grown so much OVER the past year. You've learned so many things: walking, talking, EVEN jumping! You're so awesome and I can't wait to see what you learn next year. Happy BIRTHDAY!


She kind of gave up there at the end, apparently. Or should I say: apparentl-ee?

Rachel said:

Happy birthday, Phoebe!

You're growing up so fast, it's crazy! You've learned so much in the past two years—how to sit up, how to crawl, how to walk, how to run around the house generally causing chaos, etc. It took you a while to learn how to talk, but now you know about a billion words. I love and, and I'm excited to see you grow up more!

And Benjamin said:

Hey Phoebe, you are the star of our family! I hope that as you 2 you can learn to sleep and talk clearly. I love you!

Alexander also said:

You're a wonderful addition to our family.

Though he spelled it:

Your a wondefull adishen to are famly.

And finally, Zoë said:

Dear Phoebe, you are a fantastic, daring, kind, smart, cunning, creative, and at night, harrowing little sister! Love you

I have to admit that the nights sometimes still are harrowing. But I believe that Phoebe will eventually sleep through the night...or she will grow up enough to entertain and/or soothe herself when she wakes up in the night and won't require my attention. Until that day...we will remain in a state of "exoqsnen."

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