Thursday, December 28, 2023

A quiet day

Monday (Christmas) and Tuesday (Boxing Day) were warm and wet days. We received so much rain that the river is threatening to overflow its banks. So we stayed at home and did Christmassy things, which we might have done anyway, given that it's Christmas and there's much to be done at Christmas. 

Today was chillier, but drier, and still we stayed home, working on our book binding skills (Uncle Patrick, our expert book conservator, is a very patient teacher). To be frank, a large part of our reasoning for staying home today was my terrible monthly cycle, which lately has included a migraine (both as prelude and postlude, a very painful set of bookends), frequently threatens to overflow its banks (just like the Chattahoochee River today), and as some kind of a sick joke decided that a 21-day cycle is as good as a 28-day cycle (and thus showed up twice in December). I have not been very happy about it, so we largely stayed home and worked on our books.

In the afternoon, we did venture out to the park so we could drop off our glass recycling, take a little walk, and let the kids run off some energy. 

Phoebe was so cute climbing this "wobbly ladder," as she called it (because she's reached that phase where her vocabulary astounds me every day—who knew she could pull out a luscious descriptor like "wobbly"?).

Tomorrow we're hoping for some...bigger...adventures.

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