Monday, December 04, 2023

Two year olds in tutus

Phoebe has discovered the joy of tutus. She has found so much joy in them, in fact, that she needed to wear one to bed last night.

She's been working on sleeping in her own bed (not last night but the night before she stayed in her bed from 10:30 PM until 8:30 AM and I have no complaints about that) but last night she woke up at midnight and then also ended up in our bed and was a little wriggly-worm.

This morning we went to stake conference and Phoebe had to wear the tutu and her yellow rain boots.

She "sat through" about 45 minutes of conference before I had enough and had to take her out. For whatever reason, our stake holds stake conference in the "annex" building and there's not really anywhere to take unruly children but outside. In truth, I had kind of been aiming for the restrooms so that I could take Phoebe potty, but I overshot those and then...I was outside. So we went for a walk around the grounds, splashed in some puddles...

...collected a few acorns...

...and then headed inside the stake center building (proper) to listen to the rest of the conference. I was so impressed with how Phoebe pluralized everything as she handed me bits and pieces of nature, as if she were stuffing Noah's ark. Two of everything!

"Two nacorns!" she said. "Two leaves! Two grasses!"

She actually ended up with three "nacorns" and carefully kept track of them while we were inside.

Being inside was glorious compared to the annex, at least for me. Phoebe seemed to enjoy it as well.

The program was piped into the hallway of the stake center, so I could walk around and listen (Phoebe liked that). The annex has wood floors and was outfitted with metal chairs. The stake center has carpeted floors and padded chairs. The annex was full. The stake center had about 25 people in it. 

Honestly, the environmental noise in the annex was so bad that I could hardly follow what was going on in the meeting. At the stake center I could actually focus on what was going on (as well as I could while I was chasing Phoebe). 

I suppose it was...good. Stake Conference always feels a little...long...with toddlers in tow.

When we got home, Phoebe changed out of her dress so she could have lunch and she picked out everything in this very specific shade of grey-blue-green. I hesitate to say what colour it is because I seem to see this swathe of colours differently from Andrew and my kids. I want to say that her shirt and pants are green, but they're very nearly the same colour as what I would say is the blue of her boots (the sky part, not the grass part, which is obviously green). The rgba for this colour, as far as I can gather is (194, 205, 207, 255), so the blues and greens are rather equally weighted, so it could go either way.

Anyway, Phoebe insisted on wearing this specific shade of blue/green from head to toe after church. Later she added a tutu to the ensemble. So her fashion sense is about right for a kid her age!

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