Saturday, December 02, 2023

Making Christmas

Miriam baked cookies yesterday, experimented with flow icing last night, and this afternoon she whipped up some buttercream and allowed her siblings to finish decorating the cookies she had leftover. The cookies turned out great (I'm sure Miriam has pictures of her beautiful creations on Instagram) and the kids had a lot of fun together.

At least, they had a lot of fun together when they weren't having to wait for turns with piping bags and things.

Phoebe did a big more eating than decorating.

Alexander made a Grinch cookie (the green gingerbread man) and a Santa cookie (the red and white gingerbread man). He was pretty proud of his work!

In the late afternoon, Rachel and Miriam helped me put up the Christmas lights. We haven't purchased Christmas lights in years and years (and moves and moves (I don't think we've purchased lights since we lived in Durham)), but last year Andrew picked up some new strands on clearance after Christmas, so we had plenty of lights to work with. 

Rachel got brave and climbed up on the ladder to put lights on the lower roof (our ladder doesn't even reach the upper roof).

Andrew played the piano at the adult session of stake conference this evening; I stayed home with the kids (Rachel had some school assignments to complete). After he got home we went for a quick walk to look at Christmas lights (including our own) and then came home to do our bedtime routine. This involved me going upstairs to print a copy of our evening devotional, which took a couple of minutes. Although the kids had been rather rowdy when I went upstairs—throwing around shoes and things as they tidied up the entry way—silence descended while I was upstairs. I expected something...troubling...when I returned downstairs, but instead the children were quietly working their way through their advent calendars. 

Miriam was helping Phoebe place a piece of the nativity on the mantel:

And the other kids were putting together little Lego sets:

It was so nice to have them choose quiet cooperation!

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