Thursday, March 21, 2024

Disturbing the peas (and other tales)

I'm working on putting a little fence around our garden, with the goal of keeping various critters out of it—deer mostly...perhaps the occasional rabbit...oh, and Phoebe!

Here's Phoebe disturbing the peas:

Once freshly planted in straight, tidy rows, our peas are now destined to be a "chaos crop," and will truly have follow the adage of blooming where they were planted (wherever that may have ended up being).


Here's Phoebe resting on "her" shelf in Daddy's office:

That's what she was saying—"my shelf, my shelf"—as she rubbed her cheek across its surface (picking up a whole lot of dust in the process). 

My mom recently won an award, which came with a cash prize, the obligation to give an hour-long lecture, and a little...trophy thing. My mom accepted the cash and put on an excellent lecture, but doesn't know what to do with the trophy thing. I suggested that she put it up in her office somewhere, use it as a bookend of sorts—just prop some books up against it or something.

She said she'd rather just keep it in the box it came that she doesn't have to dust it. 

And I'm just here to say: Who said anything about dusting?!

Clearly, not me. In my house dust settles where it settles...until someone volunteers to act as a duster (as Phoebe is here):


The other day on the Buy Nothing Group, I scored some beautiful rhythmic ribbon wands. I thought they would be fun for primary singing time (and I'm sure they will be), but the kids have also been having fun with them at home:

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