Monday, March 18, 2024

St. Patrick's Day and Primary and Organ and Stuff


Today was St. Patrick's Day...and Sunday. Alexander was very excited about this combination of events (he had trouble keeping both feet on the ground).

Rachel drove Miriam to church in the morning (since Miriam is the organist for the Spanish ward, and then is the pianist for the Spanish ward's primary). Rachel is taking Spanish, so she gets to listen to sacrament meeting and sing hymns in Spanish. Today someone even spoke to her in Spanish and she spoke back!

When the girls got home we took some quick pictures before getting ready to head to church for our ward meetings:

Here are the younger four being all matchy-matchy:

I don't know what they were looking at here, but I do know that Phoebe is The Boss of the family, because when I say, "Look at the camera!" the kids are all like, "Huh? What? Why?" but when Phoebe says, "Look at that!" the kids all say, "Oooh! How long?"

See how they're all obediently the ground?

I was hard pressed to get all their eyes on me at the same time!

Did Alexander wind up wearing those green crocs to church, you're asking?

Why, yes. Yes, he did. 

Our morning was also filled with trying on all the silly headbands Auntie K has sent to us over the years:

Daddy strictly forbade any headgear from making it to church with us, so we do have some standards... 

Garish green crocs: that's a go.

Sparkly, silly, light-up, bedazzled, boopin' headgear: no go.

Phoebe insisted that Alexander play the piano with her:

And we broke out the bean bag toss game Naanii sent to us a while back (almost a handful of years now):

Alexander! I said a nice smile!

When it was just about time for our meetings to start, Benjamin was the only deacon there, so he had to go around and ask some of the men to help him pass the sacrament. After gathering a few men (including Grandpa (not Daddy because he was playing the organ)), the men all turned to him and asked him what sections of the congregation they should cover. 

So here's sweet, little Benjamin—still only 11 years old, a very fresh deacon, who has only been passing the sacrament for a month or so—giving out assignments to all these grown men! 

But he did a fine job organizing everything, and one of his little deacon friends came in just in the nick of time (and a good thing, too, because his sister was due to give a talk). So Grandpa came back to our bench to help me wrangle my wound-up leprechauns. 

After sacrament meeting I got to go to primary! 

I have a new calling—I'm the primary chorister! And I'm so excited about it! It's only been my dream calling since I was, like, three years old! I've been waiting my whole life for this!!

All was well and good until I started thinking about how much of an influence my primary music leaders had on my life (singing time has always and forever been my favourite part of church) and by the time I had to stand up to deliver the lesson I'd planned, my knees were about knocking together! I was so nervous!

But I think it went well and I'm excited to help teach these kids the gospel through music (and music through the gospel). 

Andrew helped me set up the TV really quick after sacrament meeting (I used Google Slides to make a little guessing game for the kids), which required him "borrowing" a cable from a room with a built-in TV. And then he had to run home to get Zoë's piano books (which she'd obviously forgotten) because after church he needed to take Zoë and Miriam downtown to take part in an exhibit for the American Guild of Organists Conference. 

The exhibition was for an organ that you can build to learn about all the parts and functions of an organ. The girls were there to help build it and curiously engage with it while organ teachers walked by and observed them (the young man in blue also took some turns; he's also a pupil in their studio). 

Meanwhile, Rachel and Benjamin had youth council. And then we had choir practice. And then I drove the boys and Phoebe home and Rachel stayed for mission prep. 

I decided on gnocchi for dinner (because we had leftover gnocchi in the freezer)...with pesto! So festive! But then Rachel came home and wanted to go on a walk, so we left to walk around the block and noticed that some of the flowers we planted at the end of last summer are blooming!

And...then while we were walking up the street, Daddy drove down the street (with Miriam and Zoë in tow). Miriam decided she'd start dinner. We ended up with pesto gnocchi and green beans (a very green dinner). 

And then I left for the Relief Society broadcast (we made a tri-ward activity of it at the church building) and Rachel and Miriam went to Grandpa's house to watch Lear

And then I came home, just in time to read some Harry Potter to Alexander and Zoë before bed.

And then I talked with my parents (and sister, briefly) on Facetime.

And then I worked on my singing time lesson for next week.'s been kind of a hectic Sunday, I'm not going to lie!

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