Saturday, March 02, 2024

Just put me back to bed

Really quick before I got to bed...

Right around midnight, Phoebe got up, made her way out of her room, walked down the hall and into my bedroom, grabbed my arm and said, "Just put me back to bed."

So I put her back to bed, the silly goose.

"We could really cut out the middle man," I explained to her as we walked back to her bedroom. "And when you wake up you can just say to yourself, 'Phoebe, it's still nighttime! Go back to sleep!'"

But I don't think she quite managed to pick up what I was putting down because...

At around 12:45 she got up again (yes, this is how our nights go...and it makes it really hard to get anything accomplished, including getting off to bed ourselves), and this time she didn't even make it all the way into my room before she noticed that she'd caught my attention. So she just turned and ran back to her room and got into bed. 

I followed her—like the well-trained parent that I am (she has us wrapped around her little finger, this one)—and she just said, "Sit there."

So I sat there for a few minutes and she fell back to sleep. 

This has been an easy night so far. Other nights there is screaming. And hours-long interludes between bursts of sleep. But tonight she's been hilariously easy to put back to bed. 

"Just put me back to bed," indeed!

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of the kids having some fun bubble time with the neighbours yesterday...

I honestly don't know why Phoebe doesn't sleep better than she does because she gets plenty of energy out during the day and hasn't napped in months and months!

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