Sunday, December 24, 2006

Circle of Joy Party

Thursday was the BYU/Oregon "bowl" game. We had a party at BYU in one of their cool language labs. I'll admit that I don't really understand football very well, but Andrew taught me about the "yellow line" so it was a whole lot more interesting. In fact, this is the only football game that I watched all the way through. I still didn't get very much out of it, nor can I understand why anyone would "follow" it, but our team won (go team!) so I guess it was good.

What was fun for me, though, was all the people who came! Joy and Joe were here from North Carolina and they brought their baby, Karen. We hadn't met Karen yet, so that was fun! Joe's brother got married this past week so Joy and Joe were here for the wedding. We just caught them they day before they left.

Marquita and Daniel and their baby Maya were there. Marquita was a big help in planning the party--she booked the room and made spaghetti. Yum!

Shaille and Casey and their baby Matthew are here from Oregon where Casey is going to optometry school. We were happy to see them, too. We haven't seen them since last Christmas!

Kristi and Ryan and their baby Rachel, Matt (and a girl whose name I can't remember because she didn't go to high school with us and wasn't in the Circle of Joy), Christina, Amber and Chris, Helen, Cynthia, and Shaun all showed up. I may have missed a few, but I think that's all that came.

It was a lot of fun. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Circle of was our "hang out" group in high school. We chose names for each other...I bypassed this somehow, which is okay because Kristi's COJ name was Kristi. David was CD (Carpool Deity or Canadian Dave), Matt was Hobbs, Becky was Suzie, Christina was Scooter, yeah...we had a little ceremony that we did with a carton of chocolate milk in order to be inducted into the Circle of Joy and then ever after that we were fast friends. We'd hang out together, eat lunch together, set up chairs for morningsides at like 5 am, have graduation parties...we did a lot.

Man, high school was kind of strange, wasn't it?

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