Monday, December 11, 2006

Speedy Delivery

Andrew and I went Christmas shopping this evening. We figured that if we didn't go today we wouldn't find time to at all. This is the week before finals...finals start on Saturday and run until the 22nd of December. That would leave us only Saturday to shop since Sunday is Christmas Eve and then *bam!* Christmas is here. This month has gone by too fast, really.

So, we're sitting at a traffic light, waiting for our green light so that we can continue on our way. We watch it go from green to yellow to red...and back to green. We were like, "Hey! What about our turn!" We sat for a while longer and wondered if perhaps the traffic light was broken. Three lanes of traffic weren't moving.

Then we heard the sirens. Then we saw the flashing lights. "Of course," we exclaimed, "A firetruck." The firetruck had used its magical powers to change the light so that it could go through. I think that is a lot safer than having to run a light in order to get to an accident although it does cause some confusion for a lot of drivers. We were all giving each other puzzled looks.

Of course, what may have caused the look on our faces could have been what came through the green light after the firetruck: a postal service truck.

That's right. A fire engine zooms by and you expect it to really be zooming with flashing lights and a siren. Nothing too odd there, but when you see a post man seemingly driving as fast as the firetruck, you begin to wonder.

I can just see the postal worker now, "Hey, wait! I've got a package for them! Wait for me!"

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