Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Robbie the Robot

We got a new pet. His name is Robbie and he's a robot and he vacuums our floors. Andrew is definitely a fan (and the catalyst for the naming of the machine). I don't mind having it since I don't like vacuuming anyway.

We got it from the Sister Dusara who has been downsizing...a lot.

It's pretty cool because you just turn it on and it vacuums your house. It gets all the corners (places I don't clean too thoroughly).

Andrew just got through playing with it. He walked into the room and said, "That's amazing! I just vacuumed the whole house and I didn't do anything but watch it for 45 minutes!"

I explained to him that the idea behind such a device, I mean Robbie, is that you can do something else while it, I mean he, vacuums for you.

So, while I write my last paper of the semester and Andrew studies for his finals, Robbie is quietly charging his batteries so that he can clean house tomorrow.

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