Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big day today

Miriam’s umbilical cord fell off. I think it’s kind of cool. They leave them rather long when they send the babies home—it’s like a half-inch long at least—so I can see all the little veins and arteries dried up inside. It makes diaper changes so much easier!

Andrew successfully got Miriam’s birth certificate. Well, at least the Egyptian one. We still need to translate it into English and get her American one. And Canadian one. And her passport. And entrance stamp. And…there might be more Egyptian bureaucracy to deal with. I can’t remember.

Andrew got clipped by a car but jumped out of the way right before being creamed. Unfortunately he fell into a parked car when he was moving out of the way and his cell phone got smashed *ugh* so he had to get a new one. I swear, if one more thing gets broken this week I will pull my hair out!

Miriam had her post-delivery check-up today. She’s now 3150 grams (down from 3200) and is 50 cm long (up from 48) and her head is 35 cm (up from 34). So she’s been busy growing. (That’s about 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19.5 inches).

I successfully navigated taxi rides to and from the clinic, speaking Arabic the whole time. I should probably stop being so excited for myself when I do this since we’ve lived her for over a year. Somehow I’m still amazed that I can get myself places.

Miriam is slightly jaundiced so we (Rachel, Grandma and I) took her for a jaundice-walk. Unfortunately the sun was too far spent by the time we went so we’ll have to try again tomorrow.

I actually put on actual clothes today and brushed my hair. You know, since I had to leave the house and all. Pyjamas and sweats are just much more comfortable than regular clothes, what can I say?

Andrew went back to classes. His class tomorrow is cancelled, though, so he won’t have to go back again until Monday. We like having him around.

Rachel realized that having baby Miriam around is fun…but it also means that Mommy is 100% hers anymore. It was a very grumpy day. In fact, we just got her quieted down for the night (hopefully). It’s 10:30 PM. Yikes. She was angry!

Miriam had her first blow-out. It was pretty mild; we’re still waiting for the ones of epic proportions like Rachel had all the time. Luckily it was just after Daddy got home from school, and since he hadn’t seen baby Miriam in, oh, so very long…he got to change her!

Miriam slept from 4:00 AM until 9:00 AM, basically. She woke up to fuss a few times but fell right back asleep. It was kind of nice. Not even kind of. It was nice, definitely nice. Wonderful, even. But I’m still so tired…how does that work?

I’m not sure if Karen reached any big milestones today, but we’re sure glad she’s here! My kitchen has never looked better…it’s been so neglected the past ten months or so. I wonder why.

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