Tuesday, October 27, 2009

El Nada Hospital

Nestled on a busy street corner of Manial Island and sandwiched between a fast food restaurant and cramped living quarters lies el Nada Hospital, three full storeys of a semi-sterile environment in the midst of the crowded, polluted chaos called Cairo.


Not everyone can say they were born in Egypt. Not everyone can say they were born on an island in the Nile. Not everyone can say they were born above McDonald’s and saw a donkey parked out front.

Just Miriam.

(And a few of her little friends…and the thousands upon thousands of babies born at this hospital…but now I’m making it sound less exciting…)


  1. Wow, I never would have guessed that was a hospital! The only thing I can say about my baby's hospital is that "My baby was born at Home"--Home Hospital. Haha. Anyways, Miriam would definitely win on the cool factor.

    I'm glad both of you are doing well!

  2. Hi Nancy

    Congratulations on your beautiful Egyptian-born daughter, she is gorgeous.

    I stumbled across your blog searching the net for a picture of El Nada Hospital - my daughter was born there also in 2006 - similar experience to yours, I had forgotten about those nurses at the start! I don't remember being strapped on the bed tho - how scary on top of everything else! Sounds like you did amazingly well.

    I was wondering if I could ask a huge favour? Is there any way you could email me the pic of the hospital as a bigger file? I would love to have one for the baby album and sadly didn't get one, have no way of getting one ...

    Hope you can help! Thanks and love to your family in any case

    Maryam (another one!) (

  3. Hi!
    Great blog!
    I also found your blog whilst researching EL Nada hospital. A friend delivered both her girls there and I wanted to check it out :-)