Thursday, July 01, 2010


We're still alive, though life seems rather surreal right now. We spent the first part of this week camping--it was hard for us to believe that we were in Grover, Utah, when we had been in Cairo, Egypt just the week before. You'd think that they would be very different since one has a population of several million and the other a population of less than 300.* However Grover is rather sandy, which made us nostalgic for home.

Rachel kept saying things like "We must be by the pyramids. It's sandy. But where are the camels?"and she named one of the impressive rock formations "The Sphinx."

I have several stories to share but the girls are competing for my attention by seeing who can scream the longest and loudest over the most insignificant thing. It's taken nearly a half hour to get this far so clearly this isn't the best time to be writing.

I'll leave you with a most hilarious Andrew-ism. At least, I think it's funny.

While we were hiking through Sulphur Creek yesterday, Andrew and James were discussing the water purity of the creek. Since we found a deer leg floating in the water I'm going to guess it isn't great.

Andrew: I wouldn't drink the water, James. You'd probably get gonorrhea.

Me: Ummm...I think you mean giardia...

Andrew: Why?

Me: Because gonorrhea is an STD.

And now a brief message from Rachel, who has been whining about needing a turn to type...

khdxxzzhh trr

*From what I could find, that's the population for the entire postal code and I'm pretty certain that Grover doesn't have its own postal code so this likely contains the populace of surrounding small towns.


  1. Awww....welcome home. Welcome home.

  2. Funny!
    I was missing your posts, Nancy. I'm glad all is well even though there are no camels in Utah.
    Congratulations to Rachel. She's bound to become a great writer.

  3. I LOLed so hard at "and now a msg from Rachel: khdxxzzhh trr"

    I hope you find some time to write more... am a bit "heissatopia-deprived" and need my fix!