Sunday, September 26, 2010

Growing Up

Dear Miriam,

You're eleven months old today.

To celebrate I am exchanging your newborn-size diapers for regular-size diapers. It's about time, too, since we can't really, at least not in good conscience, call you a newborn anymore. Also, you soak through your diapers so fast it's getting to be a trite ridiculous. Something tells me your bladder has been growing as fast as the rest of you.

So although it pains me to fold up those itty, bitty diapers for future use (Hello, Scott!), and even though the regular-size diapers seem huge on you, it will be really nice to have a diaper that can actually absorb the amount of fluid you...eliminate.

Happy eleventh mensiversary!



PS. I've always loved you but I will love you even more now that you won't be leaking through your diaper every time you pee.

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