Saturday, December 22, 2012

Open Before Christmas

We started opening Christmas presents at the beginning of December, thanks to some book-loving grandparents who know Andrew all too well.

On the day we came home from Washington DC there was a package sitting on the front steps from my  parents—the kids' tag said to go ahead and open it right away. They were more than happy to fulfill that request:

It was probably a good thing my mom told us to open it right away because the books present had torn through the paper while it was being jostled through the postal system. This didn't bother the kids one bit; they were still excited to tear the paper off to reveal (the already revealed) surprise inside. 

Christmas books! (And boy were they excited about that!)

We had to open them so we could enjoy them before Daddy insisted that they be put up until the next Christmas season. He's picky like that.

We've been enjoying singing Christmas carols and reading Christmas stories ever since. Thanks Naanii and Bumpa!

When Grandma and Grandpa arrived this week they brought out another package marked "Okay to open before Christmas." This time it was from Grandma Pat and Dave...and inside was a Christmas search and find book that the girls have certainly been enjoying! Thanks Grandma Pat and Dave!

And then just a few days ago the package from Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Frank arrived. Inside were several wrapped Christmas presents (that Miriam squished when she landed on them after she fell off the couch and into (and down/through) the Christmas tree—it was inevitable, right?) and one wrapped Birth Day present for Benjamin, which we were instructed to open right away.

I wasn't the only one who didn't have time to finish a baby blanket for him before he was born—that's just what he gets for coming early, silly guy.

He's still a little shocked that someone finished a blanket for him. He's like, "A blanket..."

"...for me?!"

Clearly he's excited about that blanket, which almost gives me enough motivation to finish the one I started for him before he so rudely interrupted me. On the other hand, he's so happy with this blanket so why should I bother making him another one, am I right? And so that half-blanket continues to sit on the shelf, living out its half-life in half-finished solitude...until I find something a little more motivating (like...some spare time or something).

Thanks for the blanket, Grandma Sharon!

And thanks for all the other gifts everyone sent to us. I really wasn't expecting our tree to be so...full...this year but it is! I suppose it's a poor substitute for being close to family but it's nice to know we're being thought of.

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  1. Aaron is getting his quilt that didn't get finished (because he came 12 days early) for Christmas. I figure it's perfect because what are you supposed to get a baby, right? But Benjamin has one blanket and that definitely means you don't have to stress about finishing yours for him. :)