Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morning catastrophes

Benjamin was still sleeping soundly when it was time for me to get ready to go visiting teaching. I was braiding Miriam's hair and thinking about having to wake that poor sleeping child up when my phone rang—it was Kim seeing if Miriam could come play with Claire. Miriam was very happy about this prospect so she finished getting ready to go while I woke Benjamin up and... Wow!—did he ever stink!

He had pooped sometime in his sleep and it was smeared/caked all over little bum. This is the first time that's ever happened in his life (post-NICU). He never wakes up poopy. Of course, he never sleeps that could explain why he never poops in his sleep.

So, I started scrubbing his bum. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. It was really messy.

Then I sat him on his potty so he could go pee. He did. And then he dropped the mirror he was playing with and lunged for it, falling off his potty and tipping the contents all over himself and the floor because I had chosen that exact moment to let go of him and put the stinky diaper into the pail (that is within arm's reach from where his potty is). He's usually okay sitting on the potty by himself. But not today.

I finished cleaning up that mess and, with some help from Andrew, got the kids all loaded into the van.

I dropped Miriam off at Claire's house but couldn't get the GPS to work. I tried everything but ended up calling Andrew in tears. So he drove me. It's not that getting there is even complicated—but I'm so tired and I hadn't nursed the baby yet so I was in serious amounts of pain and I was running late and I was too stressed out to drive myself. I just like having that friendly electronic voice remind me to put my blinker on—it's my security blanket for driving.

Andrew sat in the driveway reading while I did my visiting teaching.

I returned to the van with Benjamin and Andrew tried to turn it on wouldn't start. He had run down the battery because he'd flipped on the air conditioning when he got too warm (I told him that next time he should maybe take off his coat, which he was still wearing...with the air conditioning on. He agreed). So Kathleen had to come out, back her van out around us (because we'd parked behind her) and onto her neighbour's lawn so that we could jumpstart our car.

Fortunately it started.

So now I'm home, Andrew's off to school, Benjamin's sleeping, and I just got word from Kim that she wants to keep Miriam for a while longer (we'd originally said she could play until 1:00) so it looks like I'm due for a nap...hallelujah!

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