Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little fuzz head

On Saturday, Benjamin figured out how to clap his hands. On Sunday he woke up pointing with one finger instead of two. On Tuesday he had his first encounter with stairs at the playground (we don't have stairs in our house) and by this afternoon he had figured out how to climb onto the dishwasher door.

He’s certainly a going concern—and is cuter than should be allowed! I don’t think I (or the world at large) will ever get over his fluffy little head. Even he knows his hair is awesome!

He loves brushing hair—whether it's his hair or his sister's hair or anyone's hair, it doesn't matter. He loves it.

And here's more pictures of him trying to feed himself than anyone (besides his grandmothers) would ever care to see:

Obviously something very interesting is going on beyond the upper lefthand portion of this picture.

And now there's something interesting over there. Usually there's something more interesting than me going on somewhere.

He's been experimenting with different crawling positions, abandoning his tummy-scooting ways more and more every day.

And one last picture of Benjamin trying to escape through the front door. He does not like to be left behind and will race to the door whenever he hears it opening (or even if he hears the word 'go').

This time he was left behind by his sisters who dashed outside to skip in the rain. He was devastated.

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