Saturday, July 20, 2013


We think Benjamin's teething. He's started running random fevers again, but with no other symptoms. No rashes. No cough. No loss of appetite. He's not even particularly grumpy. He's just a little feverish and a little bit clingy.

And that's how Benjamin and I came to have a sleep-in this morning—he was literally sleeping on top of me and his sleep has been so delicate lately that when our alarm went off this morning, Andrew got out of bed to get the day started, leaving me and Benjamin undisturbed. He'd slept so little in the night that my only option was to let the poor boy sleep some more and since I was were he was sleeping I went ahead and took a little nap, too.

Andrew finally woke us up half an hour before we had to leave the house.

"I had the strangest dreams last night," I told Andrew.

My dreams tend to get particularly crazy when I'm extra tired (as I was last night) or am sick or pregnant (which I'm not) or just, you know, when I sleep. I told Andrew about my dream...


We were at home, getting ready to go to the planetarium, but we had to get in our Sunday attire to do so. We got all the kids ready and sent them out to the car with Andrew while I was ran around grabbing last minute things—the diaper bag, my phone, and my water bottle. 

I headed outside and found myself not in our yard, but at a camping ground somewhere. 

"I'm just going to fill up my water bottle," I called out to Andrew.

"Ok," he said, "I want to get a drink, too."

We headed to the bathhouse together, leaving the kids in the car (but don't worry because it was only a dream (and the doors were open so they weren't going to roast to death, even in dreamland)). The bathhouse, unfortunately, looked incredibly nasty so I didn't want to fill my water bottle up inside. There was a spigot outside, but it was right by some sewage pipe that was spewing stuff. 

I decided I'd go to the cabin and fill my water bottle there. The back of the cabin was kind of like our house, in that the only way to get to the kitchen was to go up the stairs onto the deck. I walked up the stairs but didn't go onto the deck because the entire thing was draped with spider webs and there were huge, hairy spiders lurking all over the place. We're talking dinner-plate-sized spiders.

I retreated back downstairs just as Andrew was coming out of the bathhouse with a glass of ice water. 

He said something about how I should've just followed his lead and gotten my drink from the bathhouse but then he tripped and spilled the ice water all down his front. We both started laughing and continued walking toward each other, meeting at the bottom of the stairs. 

"There are some crazy spiders up there!" I said to Andrew.

Just then a big, orange, super-fluffy spider dropped down beside us. I screamed. An ancient park ranger appeared beside us and explained that it wasn't a spider—it was a bunny!

I looked, and it was a bunny! It was a sweet fluffy bunny, a soft orange bunny—almost blonde—with loppy ears and a cute little cotton tail. I reached out to pet the bunny and it turned to look at me and smiled—it was a Benjamin bunny! It had the body of a rabbit, but the face was a fur-rimmed version of my little baby, right down to his cute, gappy front teeth and sweet button nose!

So we did the only thing we could. We grabbed him, walked him to the car, buckled him in his car seat, and took off for the planetarium.


"Wow," said Andrew. "I had a dream that Benjamin opened his mouth and we saw...a molar!"


Andrew always seems to sleep better than I do, but his dreams are so tame.