Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eastern Tiger

While we were taking out the garbage and recycling this evening we found some Eastern Tiger Swallowtails fluttering around a butterfly bush, so we went ahead and caught it for further examination. We only kept it for a few minutes because it was rather flustered to find itself in a cage and because it was nearly bedtime.

The girls named it Daisy/Sunflower (they couldn't decide which). It was a much-loved butterfly while it was under our care.

The poor thing only has one of its tails (also, I need to clean my camera lens).

We let it go and watched if fly out to our trees.

Where'd it go?

Right there:

Rachel's hypothesis is that a bird took a bite out its wing. I don't know how its wing got injured, but it will make it easier to track. I wonder if it always sticks around or neighbourhood or if it wanders about.

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