Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Friday, June 28 (Grandpa's Birthday)

Andrew's already noted that my Florida posts are becoming more and more picture-heavy. That's because life is still happening and I'm still behind in posting about Florida, but this is the last day that we spent enjoying the condo, so soon Florida will be behind us. And Rachel goes back to school on Monday so maybe then I'll have more time to blog (haha).

We woke up in the morning and had a lovely breakfast that Grandma and Grandpa got up and cooked before heading to the pool to spend the day. Grandpa had to leave for the airport at 3:00 so we had a good chunk of time at the pool.

Here's Rachel belly-flopping into the pool.

And then swimming to the side...

She's got a nice, strong flutter kick but (for the life of me!) I can't get her to use her arms worth diddly squat.

Andrew tried to teach her the backstroke and had her trying to use her arms at the same time, symmetrically, which kept dunking her under the water.  It was pretty funny. I corrected that method (alternate your arms, guys) and she did a little better, but still likes swimming on her front better.

She and Daddy had some "races."

She can swim across the entire length of the pool, which is awesome!

Meanwhile, the littles were hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

And more pictures of swimming...what else is there to say about swimming?

Benjamin likes to dunk his face in the water. It's pretty funny to watch.

Here's Rachel doing a cannon ball:

Grandpa took Benjamin over to the splash pad again.

Miriam was getting rather brave about swimming in the super-shallow part of the pool. She practiced floating (even though her bum was often still touching the bottom of the pool):

I guess at one point she had been turning somersaults in the water so when I came over she wanted to show me. She got stuck right about here:

I hesitated for a minute before running over to set her upright. She came up coughing and sputtering. I didn't want to interrupt her from completing her somersault but also didn't want to watch her drown. She really had been stuck, so I'm glad I unstuck her!

When Rachel had had her fill of swimming in the deeper waters, she joined us in the shallow end.

Occasionally this weird guy would come to the pool to host a pool party. It was kind of annoying because everyone was just there to swim and enjoy the sunshine and he's up there with a microphone, blowing bubbles at people, and practically pulling them out of the pool to play his games. When he brought out his hula hoops the girls were sold. They wanted to hula hoop more than anything in the world, so we sent them up to be in the hula hooping contest.

They scrambled around, trying to find just the right hula hoop, while the emcee scrambled around trying to get a few adults to participate in the contest. No one really volunteered, so I did and guess what...I won!

My prize was a mardi gras necklace, which I gave to Miriam because the real prize is the bragging rights. I out-hula-hooped everyone...except for the girl that won the kid-division prize.

For the record, I also spent a lot of time swimming in the pool. There just aren't any pictures of that.

Around 2:00 we headed back to the condo to dry off, have lunch, clean up, and bid farewell to grandpa. It was a good last day in Florida and hopefully a nice low-key birthday for Grandpa (who didn't get cake...but who did get sung to over breakfast).

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