Monday, August 29, 2016


Zoë loves putting lotion on. We've been going to the pool fairly often which has required frequent application of sunscreen. Zoë loves to help rub it in after we dab it on her arms and legs. 

I've also (re)started giving her nightly massages with lavender-scented lotion to help her relax and go to sleep (haha*sob*hahaha). She will bring the lotion to me throughout the day (or, you know, later in the evening when the first massage inevitably didn't work to put her to sleep) and ask for me to put it on her. Last night she even cajoled Andrew into giving her a(nother) massage.

On Saturday night we had nachos for dinner so we could use up the last of the refried beans I'd made earlier in the week (from scratch, I might add). I gave Zoë a little dish of sour cream to dip her chips in. Do you know what sour cream looks like? 

Lotion. That's what.

Zoë did her best to apply the sour cream evenly on her arms, just as she does with sunscreen or lavender lotion.

I'm not sure what she thought when I told her that particular substance was for eating, not rubbing on your skin. However, I'm sure it was something along the lines of, "Crazy lady!"

(My kids all think that particular line a lot).

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