Tuesday, June 25, 2019

So spooky

The other night I walked into the kitchen while Andrew was in the pantry (I have a feeling we're going to miss having a walk-in pantry) and when he turned around and saw me he just about died of fright.

"I wasn't even trying to scare you!" I said while he was trying to catch his breath (we might spend a good chunk of our spare time trying to find new ways to scare each other).

And then he explained that he was so scared because our office chairs had been sitting at the top of the stairs for a while now and he when he'd glance at them quickly he'd think they were people and they'd startle him. "And then you walked into the kitchen dressed like an office chair and I thought that somehow one of the office chairs had followed me into the kitchen and it really scared me!"

"You thought I was dressed..."

" Now that I say it out loud again I can see that was maybe not the best..." he tried to excuse himself.

"Like an office chair?!" I asked, feeling a bit like Princess Sneezewort, a character introduced in The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, who is "not afraid of hiding," during hide-and-seek but is "afraid of never being found," because she blends in with the drapes, table lamps, and rug (and pretty much everything else).

"Well, you have a grey shirt on," he tried.

"Like. An. Office. Chair?!" I repeated.

It's possible I need to liven up my wardrobe...

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