Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Working woman

When Miriam switched organ teachers earlier this year her new teacher wanted to know what organ books we already had so that she could potentially assign Miriam pieces to learn from those books. It's always smart to use what you have and we have quite a lot of organ books because we inherited all of Grandma's organ music! So Andrew had Miriam go the extra mile and instructed her on how to create a (spreadsheet) catalogue showing the cover of each book (as well as the table of contents, I believe). 

It took her quite a while to go through everything but in the end she had a beautiful self-created catalogue and her teacher was so impressed that she offered Miriam an assistantship! 

Her teacher wants a catalogue just like the one Miriam made, so she's asked if Miriam would be willing to stay after her lesson each week to work on the catalogue in exchange for partial tuition fees. We, of course, thought this was a brilliant idea and Andrew just about said yes right away but I figured we should at least consult Miriam about it. 

She's actually rather excited to do it, even though she won't see any monetary reward (since we're the ones paying for her organ lessons). The reward for her, I suppose is experience—she gets to experience the joy of cataloguing (her librarian bloodline runs deep, I guess) plus it will look great on her budding resume.

Piano teacher and studio assistant.

Rachel's a little jealous since her nannying job ended in September, but she'll find another way to gain experience/income in the future, I'm sure.

(Technically she could have another nannying job, but that situation involves (a) three more kids than her last gig, (b) less money than her last gig, (c) a big dog, (d) no transportation (her last gig brought her home everyday), and (e) a misalignment of COVID safety ideals. Rachel wasn't quite ready to sign up for all that.)

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  1. What a great opportunity for Miriam! And I totally can see why Rachel would not want the nannying job on offer. Something better will come along!