Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Elephant eggs

A rather boring package arrived today. 

The delivery person drove their truck down our driveway (brave soul), dropped a box off on our front step, and then backed the truck out of our driveway (as I said, brave soul). Benjamin quickly went to bring it in. 

"It's heavy," he announced, before passing it to Andrew.

"It's for Mom," Andrew said. 

"What is it?" I asked. "Oh, it's from Amazon. That's for Rachel."

"For me?!" Rachel said, shocked. She went to take the package from Andrew. "What is it? Oh, wow! What is even in here?! It's so heavy!"

"Maybe it's an elephant," Benjamin suggested. 

Rachel narrowed her eyes.

"You think an elephant could fit in here?" she asked. She rolled her eyes, muttered, "Please."

"Maybe it's elephant eggs."

Why would your next guess be elephant eggs?! That's so stupid!"

My mind immediately went to Horton Hatches the Egg (by Dr. Seuss, of course), but Andrew's mind went in a completely different direction.

"There is such thing as elephant eggs," he said. 

"What?! Dad!! That's not the way mammals work!" Rachel exclaimed. "They...oh...never mind. That's precisely how mammals work. I get it." She laughed dryly before telling Andrew sarcastically, "You're so funny."

At this point, Zoë entered both the room and the conversation. 

She stuck her sweet little face and clever little index finger around the door jamb and said, "There's also such thing as monotremes, you know—mammals that lay eggs. Like platypuses and echidnas. So it could be mammal eggs."

"It's not mammal eggs," I assured Rachel.

"Then what is it?" she asked. 

I gently suggested that she finish opening the box, so she did, and found the rather unexciting contents: the body wash she'd asked for.

Actually, a different kind of body wash than what she'd asked for because the kind she asked for had been discontinued. But I found a similar one and ordered that (four bottles of it...because it's cheaper that way...and we have a lot of people who clean themselves). 

In spite of the package itself being boring, we had a fabulous time opening it!

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