Sunday, April 10, 2022


Over the past couple of days, I have written 11,635 words for school assignments. 

Phoebe has been having rough nights, so I often end up staying up most of the night with her. 

Like tonight, friends, when she's just now deciding it would be a good time to go to sleep. Here she is, perched on my lap, where I've been up typing for the last little while, having given up any thought of sleep since going to bed at 2:00, getting up every hour to feed Phoebe and convince her it's really sleeping time, and then just getting up at 5:00. 

So glad she decided to call it an evening a mere hour or so before I have to be up for the day. 

So I guess I'll call it an evening, too, and try to catch a few zzz's before getting up officially. Today will be one of those days where my afternoon (or mid-morning) nap will feel more refreshing than my nighttime of sleep. And somehow I'll still manage to feel guilty over taking a nap...

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