Sunday, November 19, 2006

Social Butterflies

Andrew and I have decided to be more social. It's time to break out of that "newly wed" stage and actually do things with other people. Not that that would make us any less newly wed, just that we figure that normal people do things with other people.

Last Sunday we had the Wilsons over for dinner. We made kosheri--a lot of kosheri. So much that we ate it everyday all last week. Anyway, they're a fun couple. They have twin daughters who are 3 months old. It's fun to hold them because they are so small compared to Kelli's girls who are 19 and 21 pounds, have teeth, and are crawling! Wow! They are the first people we've invited over from our ward. We don't really know many people in our ward yet but we're trying to remedy that.

This week Marquita and Daniel came over and brought their little girl, Maya (which means "water" in both Arabic and Hebrew. Since Andrew speaks Arabic, that gets a little confusing for him/us--do you want ice with that?). We had homemade pizza and Marquita brought a delicious salad. We played Quiddler and got caught up on some things. Marquita is a good friend from high school. A good friend who kicked Andrew's trash in Quiddler (just for the record, he doesn't always win).

As Marquita and Daniel were leaving (it was Maya's bedtime), Kelli and Rosie showed up with Olivia. Rosie has been wanting to play dominoes for some time so we figured we could squeeze her into our outrageous schedules. Olivia was refusing to sleep. I mean, flat out refusing to sleep. So we had her while my mom had Sabrina, who was sleeping.

We got all set up to play Mexican Train and Andrew was explaining the rules to Rosie (oh, by the way she's nine and is "too old" for a lot of things and prefers to go by RoseMarie. I still call her Rosie). All of a sudden Rosie and her chair are upside down on the ground, startling Olivia out of whatever sleep-bound state I had her in and annoying our neighbours, I'm sure. See, she was sitting with one of her legs tucked up underneath her, kind of off-centered on her chair. As she went to pull her other leg onto the chair she...toppled.

After laughing about that for sometime, picking up all the dominoes that had fallen off the table, and getting Olivia settled again we commenced playing.

Not fifteen minutes later Rosie lets out a yelp and almost knocked herself over again. Luckily the only things that fell over were a few dominoes. We continued our game without too much of a fiasco. Rosie and Kelli decided it was a good time to go. (I had put Olivia to sleep, so...pretty much they were using me...just kidding. I wanted to hold her!)

Rosie was wearing a back pack and kind of twirling around, waiting for her mother, as nine year olds are prone to do. She hit that chair with the back pack and it crashed to the floor again. I'm sure our neighbours really love us now! (Perhaps we should invite them over next...)

We're forgiving people though. We invited Rosie to come back over...when she's twenty!

I'm just kidding, she's a great girl and we really weren't annoyed. Genuinely concerned? Yes (--about her well-being, about my floor, my chair, and my neighbours). But annoyed? No.

So as soon as they left, Andrew pulled out an Allen key and tightened up all the screws on our chairs. Perhaps now they'll be a little more sturdy!

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