Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Beef

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Or rather, Black Friday. I never had any idea that the "Friday After Thanksgiving" had a name. I always thought it was the "Friday After Thanksgiving." It's the biggest shopping day of the year, parallel to Canada's Boxing Day, which makes much more sense to me than "Black Friday." That just makes me think of Red Tuesday, or something like that. Anyway...

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend this far, what with getting a new couch and everything...just kidding.

On Wednesday we worked and did homework. On Thursday morning we went and played football. I believe we call that a "Turkey Bowl?"

Correction: Andrew played football. Nancy wondered around the field while people tried to tell her how to play football, and I quote "Just catch the ball and run so that the people on the other side of the field don't get you." I I get it. Football has never made any sense to me. I went back to the car and knitted.

After football we went over to my parent's house to spend some time with them. We played a little DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution). It was pretty fun. We definitely worked up a sweat. Especially when the pad I was dancing on accidentally got switched to advanced. Yeah...I'm still on light, or even beginner.

Then Andrew and I headed off to his parent's house (to avoid the turkey) and my family headed off to my grandmother's house (to have ham). No one in my family really likes turkey. I married well. Andrew doesn't like it either.

We had a fun day of eating and game playing. We played "Catch Phrase." The point of the game is to describe a word without using the's not Gestures, but you couldn't have guessed that with the way we were playing:

Jacob (waving arms wildly in the air and making strange high-pitched noises): What am I? What am I? What am I?

Everyone on Jacob's team: Ummmmmmmmmmm...crazy? Annoying? Insane?

Jacob (blowing his cheeks out): I live in the ocean! What am I? Look at my arms!

Sarah: A whale?

Jacob (as the buzzer goes off): A starfish! Hello, look at my arms!

Yeah, we had a few struggles with that game. But it was still really fun.

Andrew and I eventually decided to call it a night. He had homework to do and I also had a million things on my to-do list (still do, really). So, we went home, decorated, and went to work.

I'm not sure why I like decorating our house so much. Perhaps it is because it feels so empty all the time. Andrew and I came from fairly large families: 5 and 6 kids, respectively. So, although our households are often quiet, they are rarely empty. Without decorations it just feels...non-seasonal. I don't know why.

I had wanted to put up something to make it a little more Thanksgiving-ish in our house but by the time we went shopping for Thanksgiving decorations (and this is my beef), all the stores were stocked with Christmas decorations. This was the very beginning of November, people! There is still a holiday before Christmas called Thanksgiving--and it does not involve a man in a red suit. We can't really put him up and pretend he's a turkey, can we? No.

We tried multiple stores, too. Target, no. Wal-Mart, no. Dollarstore, no. Macey's, no. Everything was completely over-laden with Christmas decorations.

I love Christmas, I really do. I just wish that I could have found a nice cornucopia or something to put on my table. Maybe next year...

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