Tuesday, April 07, 2009

5 things I love about being a mother

Andrew sent me a link about a blog that is trying to get "around the world in 80 clicks" by finding mommy bloggers all over the world. The meme is to write 5 things you love about being a mother and then tag 5 people to complete the tag. I guess somehow you're supposed to let them know that you did this, but I'm not sure how.

1) I love cuddle time. For this to happen, Rachel has to be in a remarkably good mood and not in trouble so usually it ends up happening right before bed, right after baths, and right after she wakes up. We sing songs and play hand games and just snuggle. We aren't in a rush to do anything and are simply enjoying each other. I also love sporadic cuddle time when Rachel comes to give me a hug and a kiss just because she needs or wants to.

2) I love (sometimes) how much Rachel needs me, and now that she is talking quite a bit, I love that she reminds me how much she needs me. I love hearing, "Help me!" and "Hold me!" and "Up!" and "Hands!" and "Play!" She often wants me to do things with her, which is fun. It's kind of like having a mini-best friend and I know that probably won't last forever because eventually she'll want privacy and independence.

3) I love potty training. Perhaps I don't like the actual training part, but I certainly like it when it's over. We are still using nighttime diapers, but hopefully soon we won't even need those anymore. I think my love for potties stems from my hatred of diapers.

4) I love sleeping children. I love sneaking into Rachel's room to peek on her sleeping. She looks so angelic when she's sleeping. She often looks angelic when she's awake as well...but doesn't always act that way! Sometimes I like to listen to her while she chatters and sings herself to sleep. A few days ago at nap time I caught her singing, "I cha-cha-chaya Gog!" and it just about melted my heart.

5) I love when our days go so smoothly that, not only did I not yell, I didn't even have to try to not yell. Days like that rarely happen. We like to be happy in our house and so when Rachel's having fits I put her aside somewhere and tell her she can come and find me when she's ready to be a happy girl. Now she's constantly telling me when she (or anything else) is happy.

I tag Catherine in Jordan and Christine in Turkey, specifically. I also tag all my sisters/in-law and mom/in-law and anyone else who wants to do this.


  1. Thanks so much - by linking back to Catherine's post, we found you. This is excellent!

  2. the things you write about bring tears to my eyes... especially the one about having a little mini best friend because that's how i feel, even though i have a little boy, it is really starting to feel that way now that he's starting to talk and we can communicate!

  3. I love those moments with my niece. She's not quite at the talking stage yet, but she still wants to be needed and helped. It's fun. And hey, give me a break, all you parents out there - it's the closest I'm ever going to get, so I have to relate in my own way!!

  4. Good post. How do you know my friend Christine?

  5. I don't. :) Not really. She blog-stalked me from your blog. I think that's how we "met."

  6. That's funny that she blog stalked you.