Thursday, April 23, 2009

Imagination Station

Rachel's imagination has been taking off recently. She's already played out two very interesting scenarios today that I've listened in on.

Earlier this afternoon her play involved a little pink car, a toy cat, and a peep (like marshmallow peeps, only of the stuffed animal variety):

A cat is catching a taxi.

The cat gets into the taxi and tells it to go.

A peep sits on the taxi and squishes the cat.

Now the peep and the taxi are racing and it's very noisy.

"Peep! Beep! Peep! Beep!"

The peep catches the taxi and goes for a ride.

The end.

Now we're eating lunch. It's a little late for lunch considering it's past 3:00 but since we didn't wake up until 11:00, it's probably alright. We're having oriental noodles and canned corn. We also had a little can of peaches. We haven't gone shopping in a while and have absolutely no fresh produce in our house. I don't intend on going shopping for a while because we've been invited to dinner tomorrow night and we'll be babysitting the Lewis children starting on Saturday. Going shopping seems a little pointless to me right now. Plus we have all those canned goods from Lydia. Anyway...

The noodles say "Ssssssssssssssss!"

Most probably they are snakes. I served my daughter a bowl of snakes for lunch because I'm cool like that.

She was very excited when I brought out the corn. She loves corn. The corn and small bits of noodles are babies. I'm assuming Rachel is a monster or something because every time she comes across a "baby" she says,

"Mama! Oh, no! Hep me! Waa, waa! Oh, no!"

And then she pops it in her mouth and chews it while making chomping/growling noises.

Those poor little babies. Their mamas never helped them. This is probably Rachel's interpretation of what happened earlier today when I wouldn't give her a cookie at 5 AM. She cried out for help and I just sent her back into the mouth of the destroyer (ie: her bed).

Now the noodles (or, as she says, loolodles) are jumping off the rim of her cup and screaming, "Weeeeee!"

And I'm just boringly eating my lunch. What's wrong with me? When did I grow up?


  1. About the time someone started telling you "don't play with your food!" :)

  2. Anyone who can make those noodles that exciting is invited for dinner at my house any day of the week. :)

  3. Also, people who like cookies at 5AM are invited.

  4. Fun! Don't kids just make life fun!

  5. Hey I served "octopuses" and sea shells for lunch to my kids. (Hot Dog sliced up to the middle witheight legs and shell mac & cheese) We sometimes have been known to pull out the cookie cutters and make funky shaped sandwhiches. I still make volcanos with my mashed potatoes and gravy!

  6. yea for food fun! The things kids come up with are really great. Maybe it makes me a bad mom but I'd never give in to 5am cookies, and Karen spends about an hour every morning on the floor of our bedroom refusing to go to bed but not ready to be up yet...

  7. Hey! You're talking to someone who's kids ate mushrooms for breakfast...

  8. Your stories of Rachel's antics never fail to crack me up. She does have a vivid imagination, which I love!

  9. I laughed so hard. (at the corn babies part of course - I guess I have a pretty morbid sense of humor!)