Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank You, Penrods!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, my friend Lydia Penrod was getting ready to move back to the States. Although I found myself deeply saddened by the turn of events, wishing that the Penrods could stick around for another year, wishing Lydia and I could take another belly dancing class together, wishing for another year of having Jacquie at playgroup and in nursery, wishing for another wonderful New Year’s party, and wishing for several other things, it was not to be. The Penrods date of departure loomed closer and closer.

As unhappy as I find most of myself, there is one facet of my being that is rather ecstatic about saying farewell to the Penrods. It’s the hoarding side of myself. The kind of selfish side that wants a year’s supply of everything. My food storage has never been happier, at least, not in Egypt. I think the Penrods dropped off around eight boxes of food.

Lydia even tucked in a little package of Easter treats for Rachel in this last shipment of stuff. She’s so thoughtful. And, she probably doesn’t know it, but she’s dropped off at least 3 or 4 meals for after the new baby is born: Progressive Soup, Progressive Soup, Progressive Soup, and…Progressive Soup. So easy to prepare you don’t even have to add water! I’m sure Andrew will be able to open up a can of soup and heat it up on the stove or in the microwave for dinner while we’re in the throes of post-partumdom. I can handle opening a can of soup post-partum so I sure hope he’ll be able to.

Anyway, here’s a big THANK YOU to the Penrods! Good luck in Idaho/Iraq! We’ll miss you guys so much, but our cupboards will forever remind us of you!

Food from Lydia


  1. You have been blessed with such good friends in Egypt! I am so grateful for that. Thank you Penrods from me, too.

  2. Also, another reason I like Lydia is because she has...drum roll...TOE THUMBS!

    We're taking a toe thumb picture today as a memory. She has one and her sister has one and her brother has one and her daughter Mairyn has one.

    So there you go. I guess that's why we get along. :)

  3. Oh, wait...maybe her sister has two. I can't remember.