Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Rachel is thankful for

We discussed prayer for our Family Home Evening lesson last night. These lessons sure are getting interesting now that Rachel is coming up with her own answers.

I mentioned that Rachel was probably old enough to start helping saying prayers because her vocabulary is big enough to, so we started going over the basics using I Pray in Faith as a template.

After discussing how to open a prayer we started listing things that we could say we're thankful for.

"Are we thankful for our family?" I asked.

"Yes!" Andrew and Rachel answered.

"Are we thankful for our food?" I asked.


"Are we thankful for our toys?"


"Are we thankful for the scriptures?"


"What else are we thankful for?" I asked.

Rachel sat still for several minutes. We could tell she was thinking hard. Finally she gave her answer,


"You're thankful for red?" I clarified.

"Yes!" she squealed excitedly.

That's her favorite color of the week. She also asked for the opening song to be "red" but we sang Book of Mormon Stories instead because I couldn't remember all the words to Primary Colors. I told her, however, that it would be alright if she thanked Heavenly Father for red. I've never thanked him for red, myself, but it really is a beautiful color.


  1. That's awesome. It's so fun to finally start seeing what's going on in their crazy little heads.

    I wanted to ask you how to make those collage type photo things. Ya know, when you put a bunch of different sized photos together? I love those. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

  2. I use Picasa, a free program by Google, to organize my pictures. It's pretty nice.

    My cousin and I were talking about it's downsides--that it randomly places the pictures for you and you can hit a "reshuffle" button, but other than that you have no control over where the pictures go...unless you do the photo-pile.

    Anyway, it's good overall, though, and super easy to use. Have fun!

  3. That's really funny. I can't wait til my niece is actually able to start saying what she's saying... Not that that makes sense. :-D

  4. You are just lucky that she didn't say she is thankful for "Sin."

  5. Too funny, I told Heavenly Father that I liked my mom, I liked my dad, I liked my sister, and that I loved my bed...

    Mom wrote it in my journal. These things are very important when you're little :P
    Also, for the record... I STILL LOVE my bed.

  6. Red? She was thankful for me. That's what Spencer's been saying he's thankful for!! ;)

  7. Red is a great "something" to be thankful for! I love flowers, red clothes, red spaghetti sauce...great color.

  8. I think I might find something like this to be thankful for it's whatever color my pansies are. :)